Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kimono "K"outure

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{Kelly in her own design The Glamourai for Shrimpton Couture}

I am always heading over to Kelly's fabulous blog The Galmourai. Her amazing site includes amazing "costumery" (her styled outfits), her designs, and loads of inspiration. Every time I leave I am left with this nagging obsession for getting my hands on a glamorous kimono (or "glamour wraps" if made by Kelly).
I love Kelly's modern take on the kimono and how she can pair her's with any everyday outfit and look fresh and cool. I regret not buying her beautiful rose colored glamour wrap a few months ago. How fantastic would that be this Spring?!
With this new obsession haunting me I have began my hunt for the perfect style. Issa makes some beautiful versions that I love. I feel like the short kimono is more now, but I still love a floor length version.
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{The Glamourai for Shrimpton Couture}
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{Mary Kate Olsen}
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{Kate Moss}
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{Nicole Richie}
{images from: The Galmourai, About.com, People, Contact Music, Fashionisma}


Lexi Colby said...

love this post! xxxxx

Laura Trevey said...

The Glamourai rocks!!

Friend in Fashion said...

Totally gorgeous!!!

Love the new layout girl - fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

adore this post! beautiful.


my healthy twist said...

I love your new blog layout Taylor! You go girl! And thanks for this post, awesome photos! xoxo

Emily said...

The first photo of Mary-Kate is one of my favorites of here, I'm obsessed with that dress! I love Nicole's blue kimono dress as well.

Jess ♡ said...

Wowwww I'm in LOVE <3 I definitely need to go on the hunt for a Kimono now :) xo

Pia said...

love nicole richie :) i really want to use her as an inspiration this spring!

W said...

wow they're beautiful designs.. especially the blue on nicole richie!

Christen said...

The Glamourai is one of my all-time favorite sources of inspiration. And I have been obsessed with the white kimono MKO is wearing since I first saw it online. Effortless and glamorous. Fab post!

Ally said...

(sigh) love nicole richie, she can pull off those headpieces effortlessly

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

It's official...need a kimono now! Love the new blog layout, btw :)

Anna said...

just stunning stunning stunning!


Louise said...

Beautiful trend, but i don't think i can pull it of at all... Can't wait to see you in one kimono!

Anonymous said...

heavenly pieces!


Tayler Worrell said...

thanks, I'll definitely be wearing it, and ill definitely link you!

MK's dresses are perfection. <3


Andy Quirks said...

love this post! and nicole richie is totally fab. love her effortless style.


Move said...

I love the glamourai, she has amazing style, I really want enter your giveaway but I didn't live in usa :(


FashionHippieLoves said...

Nicole looks perfect on the last pic!


megara said...

loving all of these awesome photos! totally inspirational!


Polliani said...

wow.. nice photos.. thank you

HeatherClark said...

god nicole richie has absolutely amazing ones! I actually have a floral marc jacobs one from a zillion years ago that I normally just use as a little robe but this inspires me to play with it for spring.

thanks for the sweet comment about my jewelry! good luck with yours :)


Move said...

of cuz I can edit ur photos, just send ur photos to my email junepaski@gmail.com :)


Ash Fox said...

Kelly is amazing. Such a talented girl.


Anonymous said...

Wow, those glamour wraps are amazing! The short kimono would be perfect for a spring day, but I'd love a floor length version for summer.


Carmen said...

I love nicole richie and mary kate style. Love this post.

Jen said...

I've been reading your blog for a long time but this is my first time commenting (because I've just started mine not too long ago). Just wanted to say that your experimental and bold outfit choices are inspirational!
Your style is so fun :)


Unknown said...

im off to check it out now! Giveaway on my blog too - check it out xxxxxxx

Men’s casual trousers said...

I am a big fan of Nicole's sense of style!

Jessica said...

I always soon over the "glamour wraps" too. They seem surprisingly versatile! Did you change your layout? I really like it!

myfloorisred.com said...

Love these pictures, so inspiring!

myfloorisred.com said...

Inspiring pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love the floor-length versions. The pics of MKO and Nicole are some of my fav inspiration photos.

BTW, great job on the new layout!

xo, becs

Susan said...

I love all these! they look gorgeous and so comfy at the same time. love Kelly's blog too.
great new layout!
have a sweet day, xoxo


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