Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Box For My Treasure Giveaway-CLOSED

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A Box For My Treasure is offering you lucky readers this beautiful gold and jade feather necklace! I love this piece and wish I could keep it for myself! Beautiful for work or a night on the town. Check out their site for more beautiful designs.
The necklace measures 20.5"/52cm in length and the feather measures 2"/5cm in length.

To enter, visit the shop and leave a comment below with:

1) Name and a way to reach you
2) Your favorite item from the shop

This giveaway is open to U.S. and international readers!

Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, June 1st at 8 PM Pacific Time!
A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday.
Good luck everyone!


Roxan said...

Cute necklace! For me it is a toss up between the Turquoise Blue Vintage Glass cocktail ring and the
Peaches and Cream vintage mesh bracelet! If I absolutely had to choose one it would be the vintage mesh bracelet. Really cute pieces and I love that they are all so affordable. xo

T said...

ok, AWESOME giveaway!

Fashion Butter

Loving the Petite Gold Feather dangly earrings

eleanor said...

i love the carousel ride necklace and the teacup ring!

great giveaway

Nell said...

Geez, I soooooo need a feather accesory for summer, and this one is just gorgeous. I really find it one of the nicest itekm from the shop along the Silver Feather dangly earrings and the Afternoon Tea teapot necklace :)


Sybil said...


omg!! i absolutely adore their shop! thanks for telling me about them. im totally bookmarking them!

my fave item from the shop would be
A Carousel Ride - vintage necklace in gold. so so cute!

The Fashion Cloud said...

Ohh this is such a lovely give away, i think I might have to enter.

I actually know this etsy shop, well I have come across it several times, gorgeous stuff. I thing the leaf giveaway and the love birds are the cuttest things she sells.

THANKS for the opportunity sweetie :)


Christina said...

I can be reached through my email on Google and LOVE the Silver Bow and Freshwater Pearl earrings. Super cute but then, everything in the store is! I had such a hard time picking out one thing!

Anca Berintan said...

It's hard to choose a favourite..
Tough fight between this very necklace and the Petite Gold Feather dangly earrings..I guess I like both :D
My e-mail:

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

It's really hard to choooooose! I love all of her pieces... especially the ones with birds and trees... probably my fave is the gold tree of life but I'd love love love this gold feather!!!!

Phuong said...

WOW gorgeous item to win, I really want it! My favorite items from the shop is: Peach Chrysanthemum adjustable ring. Its very me!

Tarsila Krüse said...

Great giveaway!
I waaaant it! x) (fingers crossed!)

My fave item from the shop has to be Gold Lovebirds on a Branch necklace! It's Oh! So cute!

You can reach me at:


Anna said...

the silver lovebirds necklace is the cutest!

xbiiamex said...

Great giveaway!I love the coral rose and amozonite beaded necklace!!

Anonymous said...

wow, so cool! my fav item, well i need to go with that necklace! always wanted a feather necklace!! lovely!

The Semi Sweet said...

Omg!!! This etsy shop is going to make me broke! I love the chrysanthemum ring. I mean really love. If it was payday today I would've bought so much stuff!!

emily K.

Belle de Couture said...

ahhh I can't choose just one! I love EVERYTHING! (:

BUT, I must say the Carousel necklace, madhatters tea party, && the mint green chrysanthemum ring are amazing...and the red trumpet flower earrings are terrific as well [see I told you I couldn't pick just one]. Great stuff! I'll be checking that site out again!



be.aoi said...

Woow!! loove this etsy shop! There are plenty of gorgeous pieces, but i choose the Floating Feather and Bird necklace in antique brass.
Thank you for this opportunity.


Georgia said...

Well, this was difficult, but it's going to have to be the "swallow and turquoise necklace in sterling silver". Its the perfect way to combine gold and silver, and blue IS my favourite colour :)

It would be mine

Jessica said...

She has some great pieces! I'm also diggin' the Gold Vine dangly earrings.

Thanks for coordinating this!

jessicahamm at gmail dot com

Namuna said...


I love the necklace called "Gold Tree of Life and Swallows" It is a very beautiful necklace !!! I love gold items :D

Secondhand Stella said...


I like the Fuchsia Rose and Brass Beads necklace.

Unknown said...

Great giveaway!! And it ends on my birthday June 2. Love everything in the web site it was hard to choose only one item but I chose the Afternoon Tea milk jug necklace is so simple and beautiful love it.

Thanks for this giveaway..

Katie said...

I am loving the Buttercup hair slides,,,

Great Blog!!!!

Jamie Lynn said...

LOVE her stuff. and it seems really affordable :)

Jamie -
My favorite is the gold love bird necklace. adorable.

Christina said...

This is so pretty. I love the coral rose necklace. Christina,

Like Square Polka Dots (Caroline) said...

What a gorgeous necklace! Thanks so much for the giveaway. My favorite item is the Silver Lovebirds on a Branch necklace-- its adorable!

Tere Kirkland said...

What a great contest.

I just adore the Bronze Lovebirds and Amazonite Quartz necklace. Thanks for introducing me to such a cute and affordable etsy shop.

terekirkland @ hotmail . com

Good luck, everyone!

Rachel said...

I'm a huge fan of the necklace you're giving away, but I also love the sweet swallow and pearl gold filled necklace. So much awesome stuff at this shop!


Jenna B said...

Jenna B

That tea cup ring is precious!

KRISTY said...

They have so many adorable jewelries,I think I want them all!!!! But if I could only pick a favorite (other than the one for this giveaway), I'd go for the Lovebirds on a Branch necklace (gold). So unique, so cute, so irresistible!:D Crossing my fingers and toes for this giveaway :)


hotpinksox said...


I went to the site thinking I wouldn't like anything. There are too many things I liked to pick just one.

Vintage Swooping Swallow hair slides in bright blue
Silver Origami Swan necklace
Nelly the Elephant necklace in silver

Looks like I will be doing some shopping....

Cindy Van Dyck said...

Wauw awesome necklace!

My name: Cindy

Thanks girl!

Anonymous said...

Nice giveaway! I love the peach ruffled rose ring. Such a lovely statement piece.

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

Unknown said...

Loving it!

My favorite is the "Afternoon tea milk jug necklace".

Loving ALL of it!

Bella said...

So hard to choose! It's a tie between the origami swan necklace and the gold bow necklace. If I had pierced ears, I'd love the sapphire dangle earrings.

Tiffany Kadani said...

I love that necklace!

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Cute Jewlery. Love the Carousel Ride vintage necklace :)

Brianna said...


I really like the madhatters tea party necklace. Super cute idea.

rebecca said...

wow! such great stuff. love the teacup jewelry. but my favorite is the peach rose and pearls necklace!!

rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

Kristen said...

I super love the floating feather & bird necklace!!!

Akuadede said...

love your blog and awesome giveaways...
I love the message in the bottle different and it


K said...

So hard to choose just one thing! I think Im going to have to go with the Mad Hatters tea set necklace. Its so adorable and totally fits into the love Im feeling for the new Alice In Wonderland movie.

Holly said...

Too many cute things to choose from! I love the Gold Lovebirds on a Branch necklace and Vintage Swooping Swallow hair slides!

Love your blog btw.

Anonymous said...

wow such a beautiful shop, so many pieces I loved, esp. the gold lovebirds necklace and antique gold feather earrings!

Closet Fashionista said...

My favorite item in the shop is the "Mint Green Chrysanthemum ring"


Kelly said...

So many pretty things! I love the Silver Branch necklace!

becky said...

the the carousel ride necklace and the afternoon teapot necklace! all of it is just so cute!!

Ra said...

Rachel Bottlinger

obsessed with the gold filigree circle dangly earrings -- so unique!

Kate said...


So many gorgeous things, but I think my favorite might be the silver nest & blue pearls necklace!

omyheartkate (at) gmail (dot) com

Unknown said...

Very cute necklace! I kind of want to eat that little jade bead - um obviously I'm starving.

The peach chrysthanthemum is my fave!


Skyline Eyes said...

Oh so many lovely things in that shop (: but my fave has to be this;
I have too much love for owls.

this free bird said...

Taylor you're a sweetheart! Thanks for the great comment on the was basically an act of God. I had walking pneumonia when I bought them!! Crazy or what?

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with literally every single piece of jewelery from this shop! My favorites are the Silver Bow and Freshwater Pearl necklace and the Bare Tree Sterling Silver necklace. I've been looking all over for a gorgeous leaf necklace, though and this one would completely fit the bill!

I've got my fingers infinitely crossed for this one. What a great giveaway! :)

<3 KP

Urwa said...

My favourite item is the Swarovski Crystal encrusted Bling DIAMOND HIGH HEEL platform peep toe SHOE.

thankyou :)


Lainey said...

That is an amazing store! I loved really everything I clicked on. But I have to say, that my absolutely favorite apart from the giveaway necklace-is the tree branch silver necklace. It's so cool. I don't have anything like the giveaway necklace yet, either, so that would be nice to have.


Lilli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said...

I'm loving the 'Gold Tree of Life'!

Great giveaway!

Delightful Bitefuls

Unknown said...

Honesty it was REALLY hard to choose. I think my favorite would have to be the Madhatters Tea Party necklace for sheer WOW factor. The gold feather necklace (and the earrings) are close seconds though. I have a thing for feathers and often wear them in my hair. Great pieces all over though.

Nicole Francois

Unknown said...

Great giveaway!

My favorite piece is actually the Gold Feather and Jade necklace.. so pretty and versatile!


Brittany said...


It is really hard to choose just one item from the shop but if I had to chose I would pick the Vintage Foliage and Turquoise gold filled lariat necklace or Turquoise Blue Vintage Glass cocktail ring.

girlxoxo said...

Fantastic giveaway. I like the Carousel Ride vintage necklace.

Jo said...

Ooh, it's a tie between the Violet Tea Rose ring and the Modern Silver Branch necklace :)


Anonymous said...

its beautiful! that is definitely my favorite thing at the shop! also thanks!

Unknown said...

hey I'm deanna, my email is
my fav item is the Sapphire Blue Glass Quartz dangly earrings

M said...

Thanks for sharing, everything is so beautiful it was really hard to choose!!! I really liked the Dragonfly and Peach Rose dangly earrings.

Louise (Fifth Sparrow) said...

Amazing stuff! And I honestly think my favorite thing is the gold feather necklace that's in the give away! So I really hope I win! xx

Miss E said...

I love all of their items, so hard to choose! I really like the Sweet Swallow and Pearl gold filled necklace. I love the necklace in the giveaway too!

Luisa said...

Great site and so very affordable, thanks for the tip!

I love almost every item in the shop, but I really have my eye on the gold bow necklace. Simple and whimsical all at the same time.

Laura said...

oh my goodness, I love this shop! i really like the tree necklaces, but I LOOOOOVE the gold bow necklace.

lhirshfi @

Peppie said...

Oh, this necklace is gorgeous!

And I fell in love with the 'Floating Leaf' (



marie said...

my name is Marie; you can reach through e-mail,

my favorite items in the shop was the silver nest and red eggs necklace and the message in the bottle necklace in gold...I couldn't decide between the two!

thanks for the opportunity <3

Emily said...

I love the Seahorse and Aqua Quartz necklace in antique brass, so cute!

Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a cool giveaway!


Unknown said...

McKenzie, or

I really loved the Silver Origami Swan necklace, the Vintage Swallow Hair slides, Gold Feather Dangly Earrings, and the Palest Pink Chrysanthemum ring.

Unknown said...

Everything is SO pretty, but my favorite has got to be the Silver Nest and Blue Pearls necklace. Adorable.

mil. said...

Everything is so nice, very romantic and girly. But my favorite is the message in a bottle necklace.


Ashley said...

The name's Ashley and you can reach me at

And I love the Simplicity Pearl and Silver Ring Necklace

FashionJazz said...

Wow, love this give away hun! you can reach me at
I love alll of them, but my favourite would have to be the gold feather earrings. xxx

Style-Pursuit said...

All of them are so adorable, that I've got quite a problem to decide! At the moment I'm in love with Gold Lovebirds on a Branch necklace, which, I believe, would go nicely with a simple tee & blazer combo.. :o)
Thanks a lot for the amazing giveaway!

Aga from

Hanna said...

I really love the Silver Branch and Pearl necklace! :)

Jasmine P said...

Great giveaway!!

1) Jay
2) Bronze Lovebirds and Amazonite Quartz necklace


J.D. said...

Wow this necklace is really cool!!!
I take a look at the site and I must say I really like the Gold Feather dangly earrings and the Afternoon Tea teacup ring, seriously so adorable!!!


everydaychicny said...

I love the Tree & Swallow necklace and the lovebirds necklace, all so sweet really!!


Happy long weekend!!

Bella said...

I love the the Silver Rose necklace !

Open-work flowers are just gorgeous but I love leaves too!


Chris W. said...

Hi! I love the "Petite Gold Feather dangly earrings". The shop has very cute items :) !

You can join me at


Be said...

I absolutely love "Message in a Bottle necklace in gold" but the whole collection is utterly adorable!

Rosanna said...

I adore the 'Gold Feather and Jade Necklace' but I am also equally in love with the 'Gold Feather Dangly Earrings', I love feathers!! The detailing throughout the collection is beautiful.

Cindeelicious said...

I really love the vintage glass cocktail rings - I can't decide which color I like better!

nora said...

Love their shop - they have so many cute necklaces! but i think the "Silver Nest and Blue Pearls necklace" is my favourite one!


Anna said...

I love the Silver Origami Swan necklace!


FC said...

My favorite has got to be the Cream and Gold Vintage Glass Cocktail Ring -- so bold on it's own!

Miyan said...

Wow- That necklace is a beauty & I would love to own it!!!

It is really difficult choosing a piece from the shop that is my favorite....they are all amazing creations, but I do love the Gold Tree of Life and Swallows necklace....or the Silver Bow and Freshwater Bow earrings. The prices are not bad, might have to make an order =) Thanks for sharing the shop!!

Hope to win!!!

Lynzy said...

Beautiful necklace!
I am loving the Swallow and Turquoise necklace in sterling silver.


Anonymous said...


I love the Afternoon Tea Teacup Ring!
It is so adorable :)

alice said...

Adorable store! I like the origami crane necklace.


The Vogue Diaries said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Friend in Fashion said...

Lovely! :)

Such lovely pieces! One of my favourites would have to be the Swallow and Turquoise necklace in sterling silver! :)

Luv, Friend in Fashion

Jasmine said...

I really like the "Nude Rose and Swarovski crystal sterling silver necklace." I love the color of the rose (which are my favorite flowers) and how it looks like it's almost wilting. The silver necklace looks beautiful with the nude color rose. Beautiful jewelry!


CL said...

My fave item is the Silver Bow and Freshwater Pearl earring.

My email is on my profile.


Kayla Rochelle said...

I loved so much of the website! Especially the silver leaf!

Ana Lú! said...

Ohh, there are so many enchanting pieces in the shop ! ahh, if i had money i would SO buy just about everything ! hahaha.

Although I fell in love with all the necklaces with birds and the bow ones, it's so hard to pick ! (but hey, those little teacup rings are to die for too !)

My FAVORITE piece is the "Afternoon tea milk jug necklace" because it reminds me of my childhood in the country (:

my email's

this giveaway's simple awesome !

vicky h. said...

ahhh so hard to chose...I think the little tea-cup might be my favorite, even though I would not say no to a single piece , everything is soo cute!

what an amazing giveaway!!

xox Vicky
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