Monday, March 30, 2009

Beach Inspired Hair

Its nothing new to be inspired by beach babes with wavy textured strands. But, I have this hair all year long and it can be a drag to blow dry and straighten it everyday. This summer I am growing it out and I hope to have it look like this pic from SI 2009. I am going to...embrace the wave! Here is how I get this look:

1. I do not brush my hair after the shower (it takes away from my natural wave).
2. I use the towel to squeeze out any extra water.
3. I comb my bangs in the direction I want (ignore if you do not have bangs).
4. I use a curling moose and a curl enhancing spray (L'Oreal or Bumble and Bumble) and I switch off scrunching and spraying. I often flip my head upside down and give it more scrunch
5. If my wave is giving me trouble I will use a 1" curling iron and wrap some strands around the barrel
6. Spray a bit of hairspray

That's it!

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