Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How To Pack a Suitcase

With NYC only two weeks away I've been thinking a lot about what to pack. Packing is not my forte so I love finding tips to help improve my skills. I'm tickled by the videos by The Girls With Glasses and really enjoy their fun advice.

Here's a summary of their tips on packing:

First and foremost make a list! 
1. Clothes: pack items that can be remixed and are transitional (day to night) like your favorite jeans, tanks, cardigans and dresses.
2. Shoes: a pair of flats for shopping and walking around and a pair of fabulous heels for night (if only I could reduce down to two pairs. I need a whole other suitcase for mine!).
3. Accessories: jewelry, hats, scarfs, and umbrella (I believe accessories are the most important part. They can make the same clothes look different and fresh).
4. Cosmetics: remember your toiletries. Summer's favorite is the Claresonic and Brooke' favorite is the Tassi (need it!).

For the carry on:
1. Tide to Go pen
2. Pill container 
3. Antibacterial hand gel
4. Sleep mask
5. Dry shampoo

For more packing tips check out my post  Pack Like a Pro


Fashion Gossip said...

Hahahah! I always make a list... cuase if i dont i get lost in all my clothes and decisions what to wear. M.

Unknown said...

i have a flight tomorrow! i'm so panic! have no idea what to take with me! thanks for this post :D

xoxo from rome

Ruthie {Look Learn Love} said...

I find the cosmetics and toiletries harder then the clothing! I just want to take all my make up for 'what if' scenarios :) Shoes also are the devil, they can't do double duty like a pair of jeans I just need to bring them all, hahaha

Nicole Lisa said...

Great advice!
I recommend making a list of the different outfits you are going to wear.
That way you know what you can mix and match.
Good luck fitting all your shoes ;o)
<3 Nicole Lisa

Luxx Mint said...

I love packing and start writing packing lists weeks in advance for big trips. My tip would definitely be to roll your clothes rather than fold!

The doll on fashion

jEm said...

Those girls are great! I will definitely be using your advice on my upcoming trips to St. Louis and Vancouver!


Jillian said...

great tips! i read somewhere that if you roll your clothes (as opposed to folding), it maximizes space in your suitcase and minimizes wrinkles in your clothes. i've tried it and it works!

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

Lovely post doll :)

XoXo-Kelli K

Unknown said...

this certainly beats my strategy of "throw everything you can fit into whatever bag you've got"! I def could've used this advice last week during my move to DC!

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh awesome tips! Going to need them in March when I take my first plane trip... o.O

Taylor said...

YOu will have a blast! And from one Cali girl to another (I now live in Chicago!) pack will be chilly outside but once in you will want to undress a bit, so scarfs-light sweaters, gloves, and a smile - winter is pretty fun!

Anonymous said...

Cool!.. Interesting! Thanks for sharing:) ~ xoxo

Kristyn Burtt said...

They are adorable! I will have to bookmark their site.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

great tips! i love the girls with the glasses too :)

have fun in the big apple!!


Mandy Koster said...

Great post! Can't wait to pack!

XO Mandy

Josie said...

Thank you! I always overpack and seriously need to work on including the essentials. I'm off to check out your other post as well!
xo Josie

Christina said...

I try to follow these guidelines every time, but I usually fail by bringing more than two pairs of shoes.

Anonymous said...

Love them, but they need to pack all black for New York. :)

Lisa said...

Love the Girls with Glasses! I just about died from cuteness overload when that puppy hopped onto the suitcase.

Definitely need a Tassi.

Marissa at Style Cusp said...

This is the first time I've heard of the Girls with Glasses- they are hilarious! These videos were so fun and informational- I'll have to go grab a few things to add to my bags. (as if I need to add anything else!)

Thanks for posting the tips :)
See you at NYFW!


Regina said...

Great, thanks for the helpful tips, planning my vacation in April, this is very useful! :)


Emy said...

Wow I had never heard of them before but they are adorable!! They have good tips, you guys have some great products they don't even sell here. Seriously what I wouldn't do to go shopping again in the US. Good luck packing hon, I'm sure your going to have such a good time in NY!

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

I need a shoe suitcase, also! Boo!


Anonymous said...

taylor! looks like i'll now be making it to NY for part of fashion week! if you're around between fri 2/11 and sun 2/13 would love to meet up! i remember starting to pack for last fall's NYFW weeks in advance-and ended up not wearing half it it, and bought way too much to bring home! :)


Heidi said...

I loathe packing as well. I hate it. I always pack too much and at least forget something! Great tips. I hate flying now, I hate paying to fly my luggage...

Anonymous said...

awe i love this!!!!! ARE YOU SO EXCITED TO BE COMING! CANT wait to SEE YOU!! xo, Kim

Rebecca Maureen said...

omg love them! great feature Taylor :)

Missy said...

now I have to get myself a Tassi Headband.


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