Tuesday, August 10, 2010

La Dama Studded Ballet Flats Giveaway!-CLOSED

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I am happy to announce that Sterling Style has teamed up with La Dama  for a giveaway! One lucky reader will win a pair of black ballet flats with either gold or silver studs (your choice)! These darling flats are one of my favorites and were worn on Sterling Style here.

To win:

-Head over to La Dama and pick out your favorite item and leave a comment here telling us what it is and your contact info (so we can let you know if you have one)
-Also become a follower of La Dama's blog for updates on new items!

That's it! Good luck!
This giveaway will run till next Tuesday midnight Pacific Time.
International entries welcome!

Winner: Michelle from fvncy.com!!


Taylor said...

Love these. They are actually my FAVORITE item on the website.


Wendy Pierce said...

Oh, my! I have adored the studded ballet flats for quite some time now. They remind me of my eight years of ballet and how much I miss it. So, that would definitely be my favorite item (http://ladama.bigcartel.com/product/gold-studded-ballet-flats). That or the Triangle Beadwork and Webbed Chains Necklace by Gather (http://ladama.bigcartel.com/product/triangle-beadwork-and-webbed-chains-necklace). Merci for the chance to win! ♥

My email is decadentluxe@gmail.com.

eat.sleep.wear. said...

oooooo la la! GREAT GIVEAWAY GIRL.

I love this white tee.

xo, Kim www.eatsleepwear.com

Sybil said...

i really adore the lonely hearts cut out bodysuit!!! :D stunning!


Urwa said...

The TEAMO Azteca Princess Shorts are my favourite item on the website!


Haven said...

I love the Shredded dyed tshirt dress! And I follow the blog.


Kati said...

My favorite is the shredded panels tee and the mociun triangle skirt. Thank you!


Lucy said...

my favourite is American Gold Walden Dress!!


Marci said...

I am loving the Spirocreations Lace-up Ballet High Tops. They are adorable!

marci2 dot miller at gmail dot com

Mia said...

Aside from the ballet flats I am super fond of the Lillian Crowe Pyramid Necklace.


Belle de Couture said...

What a spectacular giveaway! I adore those flats and have been wanting a pair for some time now! :D
Hope I win!!

I am a follower of La Dama's blog

My fave items from their online shop are: The Digby & Iona 14 Point Stag Ring -and- the long black lace dress!
So hott!

::fingers crossed::


minimel said...

I adore the Digby & Iona Filigreed Spyglass Necklace as well as the Raven black feather earrings.


suzanne said...

i love the spyglass necklace. it's cute & quirky. it's versatile but also a statement piece that won't overwhelm the rest of the outfit. adorable!



Kate said...

I like the Digby & Iona Stump Ring! I'm following their blog through google friend connect!


Raven Rea said...

I LOVE the cable knit sweater in the Zara Autumn/Winter 2010/11 post. Just shows you can dress a plain 'ol sweater and rock it out!


Lana said...

I really really love the American Gold Marseilles Silk Dress! It's so perfect!

You can either contact me via email
or via my blog


Fit_Cali_Girl said...

I Love the white ballet flats with the silver studds. They are simply so adorable and could be worn dressy or casual!


Anonymous said...

wow, love love Ballet and those Flats are adorable of course! would love them with silver studs! haha..

those Ballerina Flats are definitely my favs, but the cute Spyglass necklace is almost as adorable! ;)


fingers crossed!

. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley Tschudin said...

My favorite is the
Rats to Riches Faux Fox Tail & am dying to get my hands on it. Thanks!


. said...

Wow, i need those shoes! :)

This is my favourite item from the website:



<3, Joyce

Rach is Ordinarily Urbane said...

Great giveaway! I'm loving the Mociun Shell Dress.


turlututu said...

my favorite item are these studded ballet flats in black/gold! love them, would be an honor to win :)


Raynielle said...

im really interested in the lillian crowe spearhead ring. i like the edgy hardware look it gives off but then also appreciate the shine.
-already a follower of la dama


marie said...

blue velvet cross dress. my name is Marie and my e-mail is mbliss@lasell.edu

thanks for the chance of winning! such an amazing giveaway <3

Luisa said...

Ooooh! The studded ballet flats in black/gold are my absolute favorite...Dressy, casual, chasing 2 kids, thy would be perfect!



Unknown said...

I love the black ballet shoes with the gold studs, they're so cute.


Unknown said...

I love this pair of ballerina


Damsels said...

this is my favortie :
TEAMO Azteca Princess Shorts


Anonymous said...

I like many things of La Dama, but the subject that intrigued me more, is these flats were studded. Maybe because I have a weakness for studs, but not for the flats, and it is very strange that an event that I love with a pair of flats, a ballet that look stylish. I hope I have luck to win my first Giveaway, because it is a few months that I manage a blog, which I think is very nice and helpful, and unfortunately has not been very successful.


Sylvia said...

the black ballet flats with silver studs is my favourite item on the site, the TEAMO Azteca Princess Shorts are a close second


Amelia said...

oh this is so exciting! i would love the silver studded ones. my favorite item is the triangle beadwork & webbed chains necklace. it's really different from what i would usually wear, but stunning.



devorelebeaumonstre. said...

my fave is the Digby & Iona 14 Point Stag Ring. it reminds me of one of my favorite editorials.


queencitygirl said...

I love the black with the gold studs! So perfect for my retail job that makes me run around the store all day. Great for all seasons too!


Caroline said...

I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE SHOES! I want the black ballet flats with gold studs so badly. Thanks for the opportunity!

Caroline said...

sorry, and my email is tumbleweed394@gmail.com

Anna said...

in love with these shoes!!
also love her "stump ring". the jewelry selection is amazing!

Unknown said...

Omgah, these flats are sooo cute!

I LOVE the Lillian Crowe Spearhead Ring.

I am also following La Dama's blog via GFC.


xo Nicole

Ra said...

the gold studded flats are my favorite, i also really dig the layered chains necklace.

gah i need those shoes in my life.


Marika said...

These ballet flats are definitely my favourites! But I also like the American Gold Walden Dress, perfect for the upcoming summer!


Nicole said...

The Gold Studded Ballet Flats are by far my favorite. Reminds me of ballet class back in the day, only much cooler.


Chandler said...

Hopefully 41 is the lucky number!

I adore the Spirocreations Mary-Jane Moccasins! And I would love these ballet flats with gold studs!

I just became a follower of La Dama's blog.

This is great, thanks!


eelectroCutee said...

i love the handbag collection...
my email: tika_margareth@yahoo.com

thx :)

Phuong said...

wow great giveaway!!

My favorite item is the Lonely Hearts Cut Out Bodysuit, it looks amazing.


Unknown said...

Great giveaway--I love these!

I also REALLY like the American Gold Faithful dress...It would be so versatile & a great layering piece for fall.


Melissa said...

omg i LOVE these!! i've been a ballerina since the age of 2!

my favorite item besides these from La Dama is http://ladama.bigcartel.com/product/america-gold-dakota-dress
its almost like a tutu!


yedam said...

love this shirt

enter me!

yedam said...

love this shirt

enter me!

Ana said...

My favorite has to be these flats but in silver!! Super cute!!


Samantha said...

These flats are really my fav item!!

I'm a follower of La Dama's blog now :)

Samantha B, museumgirl22

DustInMyWind said...

I love the Mociun Triangle Skirt! The pattern is amazing!


Closet Fashionista said...

CUTE!!!! Following them now, and my favorite item is...American Gold Dakota Dress

Jennifer S. said...

Those flats are so cute!!


Alexa Martin said...

My favorite item would be those studded ballet flats! They're very pretty. :)

I followed La Dama's blog already.

Alexa Luna

Jai said...

I love the shredded t-shirt dress, it's gorgeous. I follow the La Dama's blog already. My e-mail is jngeno@ualberta.ca

Jessica said...

Please count me in! I'm a new follower of La Dama's blog.

Did you see the adorable bra/underwear set? http://ladama.bigcartel.com/product/lonely-hearts-cut-out-bra-brief-set Love it!

jessicahamm at gmail dot com

Samiat said...

i love the American Gold Marseilles Silk Dress



Meg! said...

My faves have to be the Tinkerbell ballet flats!


Amber said...

I really like this dress:
I'm a follower now as well.

Great giveaway, thanks!


Alexandra said...

So exciting! Well I love the flats, I am in desparate need for some black ones and these are gorgeous.


Alexandra xo


Edith Elin G.R. said...

I went straigh to bag and shoes after see this flats but actually my fav are spirocrations mary jane mocassin(:


Lynzy said...

OK, so I have been obsessing over these flats for quite sometime! My other favorite item besides the flats?

HMM..the shredded dyed t-shirt dress,digby &lona 14 point stag ring, the scrunch boots, UHM I should stop.


xo Lynzy
EMAIL: lynzy@fromskirtstoskillets.com

Katie said...

so many beautiful items to choose from in that shop! each one of them are unique and for sure something i would wear all the time....i would probably wear it until they wore out haha. I love those shoes in the giveaway with the gold studds (amazing!) and i love the Shredded Panels Tee by Urban Revisions as well!! they would be so cute together :)

Oh yes and of course i am a follower of her blog now!!


Anonymous said...

Love these flats, but I also really like the Spirocreations Scrunch boots and the Fairytale Sweetheart belt... couldn't just choose one favorite! -Angela angela@styleatelier.ca

Unknown said...

oopsie i thought you had changed the layout again cause of the poppy ad - i think its pretty cool idea...

moving on :) i love the cut out bra, le sigh. love it way too much. but not enough to purchase :/



s said...

Those are adorable!! Love a flat shoe!

I also loved the Tinkerbell flat and the Honey Caramel Agate Crystal Slice Earrings

Hanna said...

The shoes are absolutely perfect! Love them!
Besides them I adore the American Gold Dakota Dress in black and brown.. both wonderful!


Christina said...

Love the American Gold Marseilles Silk Dress! I live in the silk during the summer and love this shape!
Contact via gmail!!

Joie de Viv said...

Loving these ballet slippers and the Digby & Iona Stump Ring! I love anything sentimental about me & the hubs.
Great giveaway!

xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

prince said...

that was awesome

buzzmeout said...

great to know about it..and great slippers anyway,,likey like

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

I adore their fringe bags!!! Following....


Szabo said...

My fav item is the TEAMO Azteca Mini Skirt.

Anna said...

those flats are adorable! i also like the Lillian Crowe Pyramid Necklace.

Jana said...

my fav is the fairytale sweetheart belt, love it!

but i also adore the gold studded ballet flats, they looks so comfy but even pretty.


Luxx Mint said...

My favourite item is the werewolf killer crystal bullet necklace!

Thanks for the entry :)


The doll on fashion

bestie said...

I love the Tinkerbell Ballet Flats! Amazingness. Hope I win! (:

Sherin said...

These flats are gorgeous. I love the Tinkerbell Ballet Flats ones.

xbiiamex said...

great giveawayy!!
luv those flats <3
My favourite item is American Gold Walden Dress!

Becca said...

I LOVE the white studded version! I'd totally rock them with black tights :)


Anonymous said...

love love love that chain garter!


rebecca said...

love this store! i have been eyeing the Digby & Iona 14 Point Stag Ring. so cute! and i would pick the shoes in gold!
rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Love love love the white leather and studded ballet flats for end of summer! And then with tights for fall!

banessa30 at hotmail dot com.

Emily said...

I just love the shredded panels tee by Urban Revisions--what a fun basic! :)


KristiMcMurry said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this fighting bears ring!!! http://ladama.bigcartel.com/product/digby-iona-fighting-bears-ring-in-sterling


Kirby said...

It's a three-way tie between the TEAMO Maya Mini Dress, the Raven Black Feather Earrings and the Ballet Flats in the giveaway! Fingers crossed ;)


blondebelmont said...

That TEAMO Maya Mini Dress would look WONDERFUL in my closet =-)

And those flats... NECESSARY!!

So excited about this giveaway!

Marla Singer said...

i really love Spirocreations Lace-up Ballet High Tops!

perfect for summer and the color is just delightful <33


Another Day Another Outfit said...

I love the Spirocreations Tinkerbell Ballet Flats! They are adorable! I'm following La Dama blog via bloglovin'!


Emily said...

I love the fighting bears ring ! too cute

Jamie said...

I am now following their blog. :)

I really like the Lillian Crowe Spearhead Ring. And of course those studded ballet flats are fab!!



Anonymous said...

i love the aztec mini skirt and am now a follower of la dama! love these studded flats! hope i win! :)


bayctygrl said...

I love the American Gold Marseilles Silk Dress

and I follow their blog, Jennifer

hippopurplemonkey at yahoo dot com

brock said...

Love love love the chain headpieces, been looking for these for a while now!!



Rachel Tanski said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel Tanski said...

I love the spine necklace, so perfect to add some spice to a plain outfit. following you both, so hopefully I'll win!
email: rjthw9@mail.missouri.edu

Meg said...

Obsessed with the Tinkerbell Ballet Flats! But the Gold Studded Ballet Flats are a close second :) A new follower of La Dama as well! Crossing my fingers!


Anonymous said...

I love love love the "werewolf killer clear quartz silver crystal bullet" necklace. ahhh!


SWF_Terra said...

I'm kind of loving the chain garter.


fashionjunkyphd said...

Loving the shredded panels tee by urban revisions. Equal parts casual chic and stylish comfort! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


Anonymous said...

Hi Taylor!

This is my first time commenting but I'm a huge fan of your blog and look forward to your posts daily!

I love the black triangle scarf as it would be the perfect accessory for a busy Mama on the go like me.

Thanks for your fashionable inspirations and keep up the terrific work. ;)



BB said...

Oh my god!
I love these shoes ..... I still wonder why I participate in giveaway because it is not I'm lucky and I never won anything but I love these shoes and if I try to join I regret it!
I love these black studs (♥ http://ladama.bigcartel.com/product/gold-studded-ballet-flats)!
I now your audience giveaway on my blog!
please luck ..... This time he kisses me! ;-)

@: Bacreando@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE THESE! The black one, the "cherry blossom girl"!!
I really hope to win, they are fabulous and I'd love to have them!
Thanks for this giveaway!


Victoria Jin said...

I think these flats have got to be my favourite ones on the site. they're perfect!

I'd love to own a pair :)
my email is: wictoiree@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


I love these shoes...they're perfect!!!!
I'd love to own a pair:))))
I really hope to win...thanks:)
my email is: ellbac@hotmail.it

Elisa said...

I love black flats!!! it's fantastic!!!!! and the:
"Blue Velvet Cross Mini Dress by Melissa Barber" is wonderful!

Labelle said...

I like the Digby & Iona Stump Ring!
And I love these shoes, the ones with silver studs are my favourite! =)
Thanks for this giveaway!


Coco said...

omg! i love the gold studded ballet flats in black!


No Guilt Fashion said...

The American Gold Marseilles Silk Dress is my favorite piece.

becky said...

these are my favorite! love the gold studs!
boon1211 at gmail dot com

Hana said...

I LOVE this spearhead ring: http://ladama.bigcartel.com/product/lillian-crowe-spearhead-ring


Anonymous said...

Bellissime quelle nere!! *_*

Anonymous said...

i love black ballet pumps...

Camila... said...

I love this dress: (http://ladama.bigcartel.com/product/american-gold-marseilles-silk-dress)
And i love the gold studded ballet flats in black too.


Taylor said...

These are a great item to add to the closet. In addition to these, i love the Shredded Gray Tee by Urban Revisions - so cute and I can think of a bunch of different ways to wear and layer after summer!

I follow both of you!


Christina said...

Love the American Gold Faithful Dress

Ash Hearts Fash said...

THESE are my favorite!
Love them and Love your Blog!




alessia said...

wow....wonderful giveway...
i love the black ...
I follow you

Anonymous said...

i love the black with gold studs and i adore your blog!



Hal E. Liebling said...

I LOVE the Shaman leather medicine bag ... LOVE.
Following their blog!
Hal Liebling


Anonymous said...

my fav item is this dress, not sure what the name is, but i love the floral pattern http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_8IqwJRCmV0M/TEn5NExXnqI/AAAAAAAAAsc/IPTH7Yu7Yh8/s1600/la31.jpg -holly

brynnamandah at ymail dot com

Anonymous said...

brynnamandah at ymail dot com

Veronika said...

I'm already a follower on Bloglovin' and my far favourite item are these boots:


Veronika from Slovakia

Joanna said...

La Dama has the best jewelry! I love the Stag Ring.
+ I'm a follower

joannaw.xo at gmail dot com

Santina said...

The studded ballet flats are actually my favorite. I love anything feminine paired with studs and these shoes do just that! Great giveaway!


Adrianna Traxler said...

I've actually have wanted those flats for some time now..maybe years. I've always said I would try to create a pair myself but that has never happened


Brooke said...

Great giveaway!

Love this dress on their site (and the flats of course):

Lorasea (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

Trang said...

Oh, I would have to say that my favorite item is the Sabrina Tach Brown Leather Pouch Cross Body Bag. I also really like th studden ballet flats too, they're just so darling.

My contact info: picabo@gmail.com

Today Hilary... said...

I'm feeling the studded ballets flats in silver....


CECELIA said...

i'm absolutely in love with the gold studded ballet flats! ahhh...brings me back to my ballet days :)

Darija said...

My favorite thing is the American Gold Walden Dress.


Anonymous said...

OOO i love this over the shoulder bag with the studs!


Hope i win!! Wweee! Great shop girl. xo, Kim www.eatsleepwear.com eatsleepwear@gmail.com


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