Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sterling Style & Rock.Paper.Vintage Giveaway!-CLOSED 8PM 3/2/10

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I am thrilled to announce my collaboration giveaway with Rock.Paper.Vintage one of my favorite vintage eBay stores! They always have the cutest vintage pieces that I can't help but add to my collection (like here).
Here is some background about Rock.Paper.Vintage:

 "Back in 2008, Tiffany English was like many other New Yorkers, braving the cramped subways and crowded sidewalks to work the 9-5 grind. After being told at her corporate job that she dresses too avant garde and would have to completely change her wardrobe to keep her job, she quit to start her own company doing what she truly loves.

Soon after, she started Rock.Paper.Vintage, a shopping hub on eBay for the most fantastic, one of a kind vintage fashions straight from the fashion central- New York City. Every piece Tiffany sells is hand selected- always keeping in mind the things that inspire her- from the style she sees on the streets to what's walking down the runway.

RPV is always stocked with a wide variety of  fashions ranging from the 60's through the 90's and the entire inventory changes every week with a completely new set of dresses, blouses, jackets, jumpsuits, and more. They ship world wide, fast and cheap, and are trusted for having the best customer service around"

Great fashion is just a click away  www.rockpapervintage.com
They have been kind enough to giveaway this darling sheer metallic dress to one lucky reader! Tiffany picked out something that was very "Sterling Style" and I want it for myself!
Shoulder (seam to seam) 16''
Sleeve (top of shoulder to bottom) 19''
Bust (double) 21.5''
Waist (double) 21''
Hips (double) 22''
Length 30.5''

Great vintage condition. Completely sheer metallic dress with 3 black button detail on one side.  Will fit a variety of sizes.

TO WIN: You must be a follower and leave a comment with why you love Rock.Paper.Vintage and this dress. The best answer will be selected next Tuesday at 8 pm Pacific Time. 
Tweet the contest with @Sterlingstyle1 and @rockpapervtg and we may just take notice and give you the boost to win this dress! 
Thanks and good luck!! 


Unknown said...

The dress reminds me of the one Nicole Richie wore for NYE. I'd love to give that look a try. (Gold long sleeve dress with black opaque tights). I think it'd also be great with the sleeves rolled up, belted, and with sheer tights and booties.

I like that Rock.Paper.Vintage piece's start at just 9.99! But it makes me incredibly nervous that other people will bid on them.

Lauren said...

this is seriously amazing. i've been collecting gold metallic vintage pieces for about a year now and have been looking EVERYWHERE for a tunic like this.

i used to be a very conservative dresser, but lost all of my hair in june because of medical treatments. during my stint as a bald girl, i decided not to wear a wig & started embracing edgier styles that i'd always adored but never felt comfortable enough to actually wear. this tunic totally embodies everything that my style has morphed into. i've kind of felt a little bit like a fashion phoenix (that would have been a great blog title...) and this dress would be almost an impossibly appropriate way to illustrate that with clothes!

in addition, my best friend has a super important gig coming up (he's a rocker) and i'd love to be able to show up to his concert in this tunic & dance my way through the show (i might have a little crush on him & this would be the perfect way to stand out in the crowd haha)

thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!!


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

why i love this dress:
1. i love gold! it can be paired with anything!
2. the tunic is very versatile! here are ways i can wear this dress:
-> wear them with black tights and my black strappy heels
-> wear it with jeans and my black booties
-> tuck it in some denim shorts, pair with black (maybe patterned) tights and my black bow-tie flats
-> belt it!

i love rock.paper.vintage because they have one of a kind clothes!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Tayler Worrell said...

Love this!
I love Rock Paper Vintage because it provides us day to day women who may not have time to go thrift shopping and hunt for beautiful vintage pieces, in a gorgeous online store. From plaid to sequin so many styles can be found and they are all vintage and unique. Also Rock Paper Vintage is very well priced! I love this dress would be a fabulous addition to my wardrobe because I desperately need(am dying for) something sheer metallic. I have seen Sterling style rock some similar looks as well as fadetoblack, and something like this in my wardrobe would turn into be the most worn piece!
check out my tweets
@ taylerworrell


Louise said...

What a lovely dress, it's so you indeed.

I'm following you via google account.

Ilove RPV because they pick themselves(?) the clothing they want to sell. Each piece is unique and it has like a level of prettyness i just can't resist. They have like an 50's-80's theme that i really like. They really care about the customer.

But i love this dress, 'cus it's vintage, which i adore, and i love gold stuff, it's sequined which is one of my favorites trends/textures. And specially 'cus i'd love to have a different twisted outfit in my wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

so, gold, yes please.

This dress has VERSATILE plastered all over it. I see it working my closet already. Yes, that's right, a DRESS can work my closet. Belted, loose, over some tapered black pants?

YES. YES. YES. Beautiful find ;) I hope to get lucky with gold!

xo, Kim www.crowded-closet.com

Friend in Fashion said...

An absolutely stunning dress - metallics are so fabulous right now! :)

Joie de Viv said...

LOVE that dress. That being said... I love Lauren's (PaperGownSupermodel) comment and reason best.

xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

Susan said...

amazing! I love her story. I sometimes hate my corporate job because I can't dress the way I would want to...
amazing giveaway + dress.

Alva said...

I absolutely love it! Georgeus, I want to wear it right now!

Secondhand Stella said...

I love it!

Her shop is super cute and she has some great dresses that I would love to add to my wardrobe. This dress would be perfect for a girls night on the town!

paulette said...

Hi :)
I want to take part because I've totally fallen in love with this beautiful dress.
It's totally unique, charming, playful and inspiring.
When I look at that dress I HAVE to think about how to wear it, when I could wear it and how perfect it is.
I think this dress is a great pick for the giveaway because it really represents the attitude of sterling style. And I love this attitude. It blows the californian lifestyle over the ocean straight to cold, grey germany and inspires me again and again.
I also love Rock. Paper. Vintage because their pieces are absolutely unique and have been well picked. I'd buy all of the clothes if I could because most of them fit my style perfectly.
So it would really really be great if I win this giveaway.
I could also post photos so that you'd see how happy I am with this dress ;)



Anonymous said...

love your hat!


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

This dress rocks- love how versatile it is AND I just adore the store name "rock, paper, vintage"- so clever! What's NOT to love!?

I am a follower :)

And now I am perusing more on their site...eek for my bank acct! lol

Linda said...

I'm too tired and out of it to say something clever.

Just pick me anyway.


Isquisofrenia said...

omg that is such an amazing dress!!!
i actually bought something from rpv store and fits amazing!!!

they just know how to style their outfits so well,it rocks all the time.

well good luck to all of us hahhah
btw i so miss your outfits

Sarah Anne said...

I LOVE Rock.Paper.Vintage!!! I recently purchased THE most amaaaaaazing black sequin tuxedo blazer from them, and the posting for it on Ebay did NOT disappoint! It was true to description and then some! Plus, they style the looks so well, it just makes the craving to bid that much stronger. If I had the funds, I'd probably try to buy out their entire store I just love love love everything they've got to offer THAT much! (I'm really not sucking up, I truly adore R.P.V.) And this dress is just yet another example of the amazing goods they offer!

PLUS they include the sweetest personalized notes on the CUTEST stationary - I can't tell you how much more special that makes the purchase. Probably one of the best parts about buying vintage from great sellers like Rock.Paper.Vintage. I'm really crossing my fingers I can win this sheer metallic dress because I already know the PERFECT occasion to wear it - my best friends rehearsal dinner! :)

Woman said...

The dress would be faboulous for variety of girls, because it will bring the inner personality of person out. The dress shows glams, and also perfect for summer or winter season. during summer, you just wear it with pump, red lipstick and vintage clutch. During winter, you can add belt surround your belt, legging, over the knee boots. Perfect for any occasion.
thanks for giving this giveaway!

Anonymous said...

hey lovely one, LOVE the new look blog! x

Tokyo fashion-HOLIC said...

Love this dress<33
and your blog is great!
thanks for your comment.
Please vosit again and follow my blog.

E said...

Ummm, that is my dream dress. I love that it's not a bright gold, but a tarnished-looking metallic color. I would LOVE to win this!

HeatherClark said...

ahh this is such a great giveaway! love it.

I love the sparkly gold color..always looks great on blondes especially :)

you could wear this one million ways...i may wear it to a beachy day with some long necklaces or i would belt it and wear it out dancing

Christen said...

Why do I love this dress?! Oh man, where to begin? It's perfect for my trip to Miami. I could wear it with an oversized blazer to work, then slip on some leggings for the flight that evening. I could wear it with cute flats for an afternoon shopping on South Beach and then with patterned tights and insanely high heels to dinner and drinks that night. It's gorgeous and SO versatile.

The F Word Online said...

amazing giveaway ! i am now a follower :)

So I think I'm like one of those birds that are naturally attracted to shiny objects because this dress automatically caught my eye, ha. lovelovelove gold, especially vintage gold. aside from those reasons, I love this dress because i'd wear it to a party and steal the spotlight for a night and turn heads if i paired it up with black tights, chunky rings, killer heels, smokey eyes and ruffled hair.

and since i saw this piece, i voted that as a vintage lover i am now in love with this newfound vintage store. i'm linking it on my site so i can make regular visits and go broke, yup.

xx lue

fadetoblack said...

omg look at that from the back its incredible!!! ;)

SWF_Terra said...

Rock. Paper. Vintage. recognizes that unique gals want unique duds. What I love most is they clearly take the time to pick out beautiful pieces for all sorts of tastes and then they offer them at accessible prices. I love that a gal like me can look like a million bucks without spending it.

This dress is super glam without trying too hard. It makes me want to put on some Ziggy Stardust and pretend I have spiders from Mars in my house.

cocorosa said...

... because I would die a horrible sad death without this sheer metallic dress.....


guildedsecret. said...

OH MY... that tunic should be in my closet right now. i'm absolutely obsessed with the color - dark gold is one of my favorite colors to wear. also the sleeves and length make for an 'understated sexy' look.

this is a fantastic partnership!


melissa rose said...

SUCH a gorgeous tunic! definitely added rock.paper.vintage. to my favorite sellers on ebay... so many great finds. and i thoroughly appreciated the story of how it came to be :)

The Fashion Cloud said...

I have wanted a gold/copper dress like for ages even if it means me looking like a big pot of gold straight out from Aladin's cave I will still strut my stuff in it and own the little beauty!!

Such a lovely give away and very Sterling indeed :)


Diary of a Young Designer said...

I would so love the dress and would totally adore to team it with knee high boots, black embellished tights, and a sweet fedora hat. It would be a perfect dress for one of my headband designs and I'd soooo love to make an outfit post with it!!!


Diary of a Young Designer said...

I tweeted the giveaway!

Sophie =)

Oh and I'll post about it later on my blog!

sanjeet said...

I like that Rock.Paper.Vintage piece's start at just 9.99! But it makes me incredibly nervous that other people will bid on them.

sports video

julianne. said...

oh my god, so i cannot get over how freekin cute this stuff is!
i love giveaways so i defff wanted to enter this one!
i'm literally dyyying ovver that dress. it is simply beautiful, as well as the model in it. i love it with the tights and shoes! i looked at that link and their stuff is AHMAZING! im dying over the vintage looks because i dont live near any vintage store where i can get stuff like this. totally unique and unbelievably genius. i lovelovlove this, and ill deff have to keep looking at the site and buy some goodies if i dont win this! hahah. mwahhh!

Nicole Marie said...

such a cute dress! i've never been to rock.paper.vintage shop before but i love everything!

Marla Singer said...

I heart Rock.Paper.Vintage so much! Not to mention, Rockie Nolan post her amazing looks and breath-taking dreamy photos on Lookbook.nu. I love every vintage piece on Rock.Paper.Vintage which is very well hand-picked and one-of-a-kind. Vintage shops are the solution for satisfy my treasure-hunting hobby. When you find something unique with ridiculously cheap price and people get jealous of your great finds, that would be my total guilty pleasure. That's how people might feel when I wear something from Rock.Paper.Vintage <3
Anyway, the dress is just perfect. I love the looseness, the gold color, the 80's glam feeling, it's just perfect dress for me to describe what is fashion as a form of creativity on how I dress and act with the dress. I would paired it with tuxedo blazer, black sheer tights, a pair of gold-studded combat boots, and a black beret with some DIY embellishment. It reflects Parisian tough chic through the freedom, passion, and difference in the art of my individual style.

Marla Singer said...

i'm a follower and i've tweeted it here: http://twitter.com/theversicle/status/9873589259

Ashley Dy said...

I'm a follower! I love Rock Paper Vintage for their awesome and quintessential outfits that makes anybody who wears it instant stylish!

I want this dress because I think it's perfect with my style.

Joanna said...

it's very vintage and yet trendy. also i admire how she stood up for what she believes and loves and therefore we get to have rock.paper.vintage.

Vittoria said...

I love Rock.Paper.Vintage! I’m trying desperately to start rocking a vintage look. My Aunt just passed…she was a style icon to me and has left me a bunch of things, most notably a huge jewelry collection. Most of it isn’t real—lots of long beads, faux leather purses—but I feel like this dress would be the perfect item to pull it all together. My aunt was a bit of a legend in our family: married a few times, moved from Manhattan to Miami, shopped in all sorts of fabulous & glamorous shops, all before it was chic to do so. Everyone called her “our Elizabeth Taylor.” I’d love to be half of the person she was…I miss her all the time.

Thanks for this giveaway!



Vittoria said...

tweeted too!



Jess ♡ said...

Gorgeous dress :) Rock Paper Vintage caught my eye on Chictopia with their stunning photos and pieces. Not only are the pieces showcased at their pinnacle, but they are styled wonderfully. This dress is such a classic piece with the metallic tones and details. Although very unique, the dress itself has such a basic silhouette that one cannot help but fall in love with. The discreet yet noticeable striped pattern is completely on-trend with the nautical inspired clothes this season. Additionally, since it is sheer, it is 100% layerable, which is a plus for the colder winter months! I constantly hunt for vintage pieces that are basic enough to wear on a daily basis, but still have their own quirk and this dress does it all <3! :)

Emm said...

am i too late? =)


JK said...

I just love it, because diamonds are a girls best friend.




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